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Sep 18 (Virgo)
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Way back in the day I read an interview in ZigZag (with Mike & Cheryl) that described liking BF as akin to having a ‘secret smack habit’. I never had a secret smack habit but I sure did have a secret BF habit! I was mad for them from 81 -84 but never shared this with my friends – except my ‘best’ friend who was of course also a big fan (hence the friendship probably) – I vaguely remember that if we discussed BF where others could hear it was all in code! Other friends never saw the inside of my bedroom which was wallpapered with BF posters. At the same time, I was listening to The Cure, The Jam, The Velvet Underground, Japan & Siouxsie… I had friends in loud punk/rock bands and I clearly remember arriving at one of their rowdy gigs listening to BF on my walkman (and smiling to myself…if only they knew…). Eventually – after ‘the crash’ and Jay left – I got a job, a flat and a rock star boyfriend (not in that order), the posters came down, the fan club membership didn’t get renewed and I hardly gave BF another thought until about two weeks ago. I don’t even know what made me think of them, and it was freaky to find out all that had been happening with them in the intervening 25 years (and that this is their 30th anniversary year). And even more freaky to finally watch BF videos, thanks to the wonder of The Youtube. (Being down here in NZ, I probably only saw 6 minutes of BF TV footage between 81-84…but it was enough!) Now I can’t get their tremendous pop tunes and huge harmonies out of my head. The again, I can’t stop myself from turning on the ‘private browsing’ button before I go hunting for those songs…still a secret smack habit after all. Feb 2011
New Zealand
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Dr Who, The Guardian, Top Gear.

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